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Brewer Fence Company is a full-service fence company serving metro Atlanta, Newnan, and the surrounding areas. We are licensed and insured, providing both Residential and Commercial fence installation. Brewer Fence has been in business for over 14 years. Born and raised in the south metro area as well as a dedicated career Firefighter has allowed us to develop strong ties with the community and surrounding areas. My commitment to quality work has led to a great reputation in the industry.


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I am committed to not just delivering a great price on our installations, but also delivering a level of customer service that is unique to the fence industry. I rely on my customers referrals as part of my marketing so I know that every customer and every job is as important as every other one. I purchase materials direct from the manufacturer to insure top quality and fair pricing to our customers. Brewer Fence understands commercial installations and all types of residential installs from the most common to the most elaborate and is dedicated to ensuring that my customers remain not just satisfied but happy about the quality of their new installation.

I install of all types of fence done from Aluminum and Steel ornamental, Chain Link, PVC, Wood and Farm fencing too.


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